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Imagine a soldier is wounded in the battlefield. He presses the GetCare button of his android app. This immediately sends his location (longitude and latitude) and cell number through a SOA (service oriented architecture) system to a cloud database in the command center. With a proprietary algorithm, the cloud database figures out the most appropriate combat medic nearby and dispatches the call to the medic. Being alerted, the medic pulls the soldier’s information (map and number) right away by pressing the reload button of the GiveCare app of his Android device. The medic offers care to the soldier immediately with many options including: talk to the soldier by pressing Call Patient button; or run to the soldier based on the location on a Google map.

This can be enabled by MobCare (patent pending) developed by Yeswici LLC. The system uses Android, SOA architecture, and cloud computing. A demo is made possible with Android devices.

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MobCare entails three implementations: BattlefieldCare for defense; BedCare for hospitals and clinics; and SocialCare for mobile social networks.

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A patient-centric firm with innovative technology to enable speedy and social care delivery.

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Defense; Medical research; Hospital; Physicians' office; Social network ...

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